Painkillers Don't Work Anymore? This Natural RECIPE Will Defeat Your Pains!

Back ache, joint and leg pain can cause a lot of discomfort. Other than using sprays, balms and popping the pain killer, there are not many remedies that we know of. But with the exception of this.

Seems this gooey dessert is the answer!


  • 150 gms of any edible gelatin
  • Cold Water

How to prepare

  1. Pour around two :teaspoons of gelatin in a quarter of a class filled with refrigerated cold water
  2. Mix it well, cover and keep it overnight.
  3. The gelation will swell and form a jelly.

This mixture should be taken early in the morning on empty stomach. You can try it with water and honey, or mix yogurt or sour milk as you please. This is an effective method to get rid of the pain in 7 days flat. You should try it for one month and repeat the procedure after 6 months. This will remove stiffness of the joints and reduce the pain.

Gelatin contains two amino acids, proline and hidrosiprolin which are effective for the recovery of the connective tissue. Besides this, gelatin provides strength to the joints and heart muscle, improves metabolism, and improves skin health.
That soreness do really suck...

Source: Your Health Today

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