PERFECT is What "P" Means in PINEAPPLE! Here are 7 Benefits of This Elite Superfruit!

Pineapple is one superfruit. It serves many purposes. It can be used in cooking, garnishing, and even healing your body of various problems. Pineapple is essential to having a healthy lifestyle and the best part is, it tastes really delicious. Take a look at several benefits of eating pineapple:

This yellow wonder is your life saver!

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Pineapple is just as good as your multivitamins.

Pineapples are abundant in vitamins and minerals, ranging from fiber, potassium, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin A, and phosphorus. All of which will lay the groundwork to a healthier life.

Strengthens Bones

Your bones become stronger as you eat pineapple.

With high amounts of fiber, manganese, and calcium, pineapples are a good way to maintain bone and muscle health.

Prevents Cough and Colds

Don't let yourself suffer from this.

The high vitamin C content plus antioxidants of pineapples ensures that your immune system is at its peak. In short, eating pineapples will shield you from viruses and bacteria that causes cough and colds. It is also proven that pineapple contains bromelain, a substance that helps remove mucus build-up.

Keeps Gums Healthy

Keep that smile looking good.

Consuming pineapple will prevent your gums from catching gingivitis which causes it to bleed and damage teeth, too. If you want to leverage your dental health, a pineapple at your diet will help your cause.

Improves Digestion

Keep that gut in check.

Bromelain is not just good against mucus, it also neutralizes acidity in the stomach. If you are suffering from hyperacidity and heartburn, eating pineapples will benefit you. Snacking some pineapple will also regulate pancreas activity that helps your digestion system to run more smoothly.

Lowers Risk of Macular Degeneration

Don't let yourself use this at one point.

Pineapple is also popular in the treatment of eye ailments such as macular degeneration. Don't put you and your family at risk by such loss of vision. Eat pineapple!

Alleviate Arthritis

Pineapple can relieve the pain.

This fruit contains anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve arthritis. It can remove pain caused by arthritis, gout, and carpal tunnel.

Perks of pineapple don't end there. It is low in calories and high in water content that is good for those who are weight conscious. Enjoy this delicious and nutritious snack whether as a smoothie or as a fruit itself.

Source: Health Digezt

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