Too Lazy To Mince GARLIC? You Better Do It, Because STUDY Shows MINCED GARLIC IN A JAR Is Not Healthy At All!

What does minced garlic in a jar have to do with you? Everything.

Robbing ourselves of rich flavor and vital nutrients by choosing foods that are not top quality isn’t just a shame; it is a literal detriment to our body and soul. When minced garlic in a jar comes before the freshest, plumpest and most delectable pods and cloves of garlic straight from the garden, something has definitely gone very wrong.

You don't even know what's in this!

Toxic Overload

Beautiful, fresh garlic, the nectar of the gods is an aromatic flavor enhancer with nutritional and medicinal elements to boot. Its delicate casings store these powerhouse benefits and are released when minced. But when garlic is processed, contaminants like phosphoric acid are often used or added to the mix. Yes, we said phosphoric acid.

It is a scientifically sound claim that phosphoric acid removes rust – rust from say, garlic mincing machines. UCSB Scienceline gives a clear explanation of what kind of friendship phosphoric acid and rust have with each other, and it isn’t pretty.

When phosphoric acid or rust from processing machines slips into the minced garlic works we humans ingest these toxins. Sounds like a dirty deal, especially when manually peeling and mincing fresh garlic removes almost every element of threat while helping food and bodies thrive.

Fresh Garlic Uses

There is no question when it comes to adding freshly minced garlic to favorite pasta dishes, meats and vegetables. Mincing awakens beautifully bold garlic flavor and nutritional benefits right off the bat.

Garlic is also known to combat illness. According to Authority Nutrition garlic reduces the duration of the common cold, reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels. These are only a few of the magnificent results fresh garlic encourages.

Foreign Garlic?

Huffington Post's, Huffpost Taste article offers insight into such practices that some manufacturers promote when mincing and jarring garlic. Is the garlic so tainted prior to processing it isn’t even consumable unless chemicals are added to any part of the processing strategy? Where did this garlic come from? How long has it been in that jar? There are too many questions raised where minced garlic in a jar originates.

Concerns like these suggest staying clear of minced garlic in a jar is presumably sound advice. Educated consumers appreciate understanding the best bang for your garlic buck comes from fresh, unadulterated garlic that has never been processed. Even go organic when possible. Nature’s protective casings keep whole garlic fresh for months. Freshly minced or chopped garlic cloves will easily last for a whole week.

Take it from the pros, minced garlic in a jar will never outperform fresh garlic straight from the pod.

Freshly minced garlic is still the best.


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