Boost Liver Health and Flush Out The Fat With These Drinks

Poor nutrition, stress, and contamination exposure have grave consequences on our liver. If it does not work properly as it should, this can affect the other organs as well.

Protect your liver and eliminate fat with these 3 healthy drinks:

Boost Liver Health And Flush Out The Fat With These Drinks
Love your liver with these ingredients!

Turmeric beverage for detoxification

It detoxifies the liver by eliminating the toxins from the bowels and prevents kidney stones. Mix ½ spoon of turmeric, a bit of grated ginger, juice from one lemon and half cup of water.

Green tea with lemon

The ingredients from this beverage speed up the removal of harmful substances from your body. Mix juice from half a lemon with half cup of cooled off green tea and one mashed banana.

Colorful beverage

If you drink this beverage 2 to 3 glasses daily, your liver will function normally and the toxins will be flushed out. You will need one cucumber (medium sized), half a lemon, one green pepper and one apple. All you have to do is to chop them and process them in a blender.

Live better.

Source: Health Tips Source

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