Purify Your Body and Spirit With This CLEANSING ALOE VERA Juice!

This juice is ultra hydrating with cucumber and coconut water and contains three of the most powerful natural digestive aids; pineapple, lemon, and aloe vera. A great juice when you want hydration and a digestion boost!

Purify Your Body And Spirit With This CLEANSING ALOE VERA Juice!

Aloe Vera is believed to be a food of long-lasting youth and rapid healing. The anti-inflammatory power in acute inflammation is one of it’s best-known actions. The gel of Aloe Vera contains enzymes, minerals, anti-microbial and amino acids that aid in digestion, reduce inflammation and helps cleanse and soothe the body.

Cucumbers are fantastic for cleansing our bodies. The skins of cucumbers are high in silicon although are often grown with pesticides and waxed in stores so it is best to choose organic. They are a natural diuretic, reduces inflammation, relieves stomach acid and provides soothing cleansing effect.

Aloe vera has a strong medicinal properties!


  • 2-3 leaves of Aloe Vera 
  • 1 cup coconut water 
  • 1 small cucumber 
  • ½ lemon (skin on if organic)  
  • ¼  small pineapple


  1. Prepare all ingredients ready to juice. 
  2. To prepare Aloe Vera, slit one of the edges with a sharp knife and open up the outer layer. Scoop out the gel and discard the outer layer. 
  3. Put all ingredients through the juicer or blender.
  4. Drink straight away.

Source: Food Matters

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