Suffering From SINUSITIS? Here are Natural Remedies That You Can Rely On

We all know that feeling. That feeling of not being able to breathe, to sleep. Headaches constantly throughout the day. But before you reach for that nasal spray, consider this: there are almost as many natural options to sinus relief as there are unnatural ingredients in that spray. Here is a list of what you can turn to when your nose is feeling stuffy.

That is an awful feeling!

Natural Sinus Remedies

Some of these natural remedies can be begin to take effect in just minutes and are all based on whole, natural ingredients. Give these a try and you’ll see for yourself just how well they work.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is great for fighting inflammation and infection of the sinuses. It comes in a natural spray form that can help get rid of pesky mucus build up. You can also mix 5 drops of the extract with 6 ounces of water and drink the mixture twice a day to help relieve your sinuses.

Ginger And Turmeric

These two cousins are powerhouses when it comes to health benefits, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to see them on our list. By making a tea with fresh ginger and turmeric root, you can fight infection and inflammation at the same time. Plus, breathing is some of the steam from the tea will help clear your sinuses.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Here’s another staple of natural healing. Apple cider vinegar works great in a tonic of equal parts ACV and water. Heat the two until warm, and drink the beverage. Make sure you get some of that steam, which is great for your sinus congestion and pressure.

Tomato Juice

This fruit (yes, fruit) is a great source of vitamin A and anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve mucus blockage and headaches caused by inflammation. In a saucepan, warm some tomato juice with 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic, ½ a tablespoon of hot sauce, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and a pinch of celery salt.


Speaking of steam, you don’t have to just get it from tea. You can make a mini steam bath for your sinuses with many different natural healers. Some of our favorite additions are carom seeds, oregano oil, eucalyptus oil (or the leaves if you can find them), lavender oil, or even chopped up onion or garlic (strong antibacterial)! Just boil a pot of water with any of these, pour into a bowl, and breathe it in with a damp towel over your head and the bowl to trap steam.

Nasal Rinse

Nothing flushes out your stuffed up sinuses then, well, a nasal flush! You can buy solutions, or you can make your own. Using a neti pot, you can flush out your nasal passages and get rid of mucus. It’ll also help you breathe easier by healing swollen sinuses. Boil 8 ounces of distilled water with ¼ teaspoon of baking soda and ¼ teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt. When the water is lukewarm, use a neti pot to flush out your sinuses.

These are some really easy and natural methods to get you breathing easy again and get rid of any sinus infections and pain you may be experiencing. Give it a try and throw away that nasal spray for good!

Source: All Remedies

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