These 6 Things Can Weaken Your Immune System! What are They?

Viruses and bacteria are not the only factors that harm the immune system. On the contrary, a lot of things that are part of your everyday life can adversely affect your immunity, which is crucial in the protection against various diseases.

Immune system is our first line of defense against illness. Don't let it collapse.

Therefore you should learn more about every possible threat that surrounds you.

Cookware Items

We all love the modern and sophisticated cookware skillets and pots, they are non-stick and easy to clean, but actually they are not health-friendly, because of the chemicals that prevent the food from sticking to the bottom.

These chemicals are harmful to our body and can weaken the immune system. These cookware items are especially harmful to women, because they affect their hormonal balance.

Microwave Popcorn

You would probably not expect this, but microwave popcorn can really harm your immune system. It contains chemicals that prevent the fat from crossing through the bag while the popcorn cooks. It is these chemicals that weaken the immune system, so experts strongly recommend avoiding microwave popcorn.

Canned Food

You probably know that canned food is not the healthiest option, but not many people know that it has harmful effect on immune system. This comes due to the variety of chemicals contained in canned food that affect the normal function of the immune system.


Most studies show that loneliness really affects the health and weakens the immune system. It is believed to be so because people are social beings by nature, and the lack of quality human contact causes certain processes in the brain that stimulate the excess secretion of bad hormones, believed to weaken the immune system.

Antibacterial Soap

An American research showed that children who use antibacterial soap are more prone to allergies. Scientists claim that these soaps actually weaken our immune system.


Any insecticides used to destroy the insects that intrude our homes are harmful to our health. Even though they are largely advertised as healthy, meaning they have no side-effects, insecticides actually contain different chemicals that harm the immune system. Interesting is the fact that studies have shown that this is more common in women.

Source: Health Care Above All

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