Forget Silicons, These Plants Can Enlarge a Woman's Breast

These days plastic surgery has become so modern and fashionable that many women think of it as a necessity. Still there are natural ways for the sake of health, to make your breasts grow. It is about some uncommon plants, which have a powerful impact on breast size.

  • The intake of fenugreek seeds is believed to be beneficial for those who are trying to increase the size of their breasts. Fenugreek stimulates the breast enlarging hormones of the body.
  • Breasts are formed with layers of fat. Therefore, radish which is believed to balance the distribution of fat in the body is also beneficial for breast enlargement. Radishes are also a rich source of astringents.
  • Fennel seeds are an excellent ingredient that aid breast enlargement. There are similar to an estrogen dose for the body. Daily consumption of fennel seeds leads to breast enlargement. In fact fennel seeds are given to lactating mothers to increase the amount of milk.
  • Wheat germ oil has also proven to be beneficial as an ayurvedic home remedy for breast enlargement. It regulates the flow of blood around the breast area making it fuller in appearance.
  • Other herbs that are known to have a positive effect on breast enlargement are Haridra (Curcuma longa), Ashoka (Saraca Asoka), Jatiphal (Myristica fragrans) and Gambhari (Gmelina ribes). Massaging breasts with these herbs mixed with ghee or sesame oil as base is said to aid breast enlargement.

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