Lose 4 Pounds an a Single Day With This Combo

Have you ever heard of the “tea diet”? It is a diet with green tea and milk that is so powerful it can make you lose up to 4 pounds in one day! It works by flushing out the excess water weight from your body, so it is very important to drink a lot of water that day.

Diet with green tea and milk

Diet with milk and green tea is the most viable option among those who want to lose weight and maintain their weight after. This is not just a tasty beverage that removes your sense of hunger, but is also excellent for cleansing and detoxification of the entire body.

For just one day with milk and green tea you can lose from 1 to 4 pounds of weight (which is actually excess fluid in the body).

This diet should be kept for a day, and only twice a month.

If you have a chronic illness, consult your doctor to determine if you can go on this diet.

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