8 Compelling Reasons to Drink More Water

Your body is roughly 72% water. Because we are made up of that much water, we always need to make sure that we’re replenishing what we’ve lost, such as when we sweat with exercise.

Not having enough water in your body can make you dehydrated and that can lead to horrible consequences. Water is like gas for our bodies; it is part of the “fuel” that we need to make sure that it stays healthy and working at an optimized level.

Being adequately hydrated plays an important role in your health such as how your brain functions, your energy levels, even your mental health.

Here are just a few reasons why it is beneficial for your health to be properly hydrated:

1. Water Improves Your Energy Levels. If you’re needing a quick pick-me-up, try drinking a glass of water. Chances are, you might be a little dehydrated and your body is running sluggish because it needs more water, more “fuel”. Feeling tired is actually one of the first signs of being dehydrated. “Just a 5% drop in body fluids can cause a 30% reduction in energy.”

2. Water Helps With Weight Loss. Drinking plenty of water can help you with losing weight. This is because when you are properly hydrated, the water in your body helps boost your metabolic rate. A study found that 10 minutes after drinking 17 ounces of water, your metabolism increases up to 30%.  Drinking water before eating a meal can also cause you to eat less because you feel full, which means you eat fewer calories.

3. Water Helps Detox Your Body. You don’t need to spend money on expensive detox plans. You can start by simply drinking more water. Drinking water helps remove toxins through your intestines, kidneys and your lymphatic system. With that being said, water also helps keep your kidneys working. Your kidneys are responsible for removing waste from your body, so the more water you drink, the more your kidneys will work and the more waste and toxins that will be removed!

4. Water Protects Your Joints And Cartilage. The cartilage around your joints and bones are about 85% water, so it’s important to stay hydrated. Being adequately hydrated means that your joints and cartilage will stay hydrated, lubricated, and in tip top shape. Water also protects our tissues and spinal cord.

5. Water Helps You Think Better. When you’re dehydrated, the tissue in your brain shrinks. This is because your brain is composed of 75% water. When you haven’t been drinking enough water, your brain has to work a lot harder to be able to perform at the same level that it has been working at. A study found that students who brought water and drank water during their exams did better on their exams.

6. Water Can Help With Headaches. For some people, going without water for too long causes a headache, kind of like a signal that your body is telling you that you’re dehydrated and you need to refuel your body. However, with many people, dehydration causes migraines. Studies have shown that drinking water and making sure that you’re hydrated can relieve these headaches.

Not a fan of drinking plain water? That’s okay!

7. Spice Up Your Water. Sometimes you can become bored with just plain water. Try adding a splash of fruit juice or chunks of fresh or frozen fruit. A water infuser bottle is a great way to go.

8. Eat More Produce. Many vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of water. Try to make your plate filled with at least half vegetables and fruits.

Source: Fitlife.tv

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