Avoid This Habit In Your Morning Rituals

We all have our goals and struggle with limited time to achieve them. But what if there is one habit you can STOP doing in order to become 30% more productive throughout the course of your week?

To become more productive, do not check any communication platform during the first 60 minutes of your day.

This means NO social media and NO email during the first hour after you wake up.

How does checking these platforms suck away so much of your productivity?

When you tap into what your friends and co-workers are doing/thinking/questioning, you immediately check out of your realm and become an observer, rather than a doer.

The effect this has on the brain is that it shifts focus away from your daily priorities to those of other people. Immediately, your mindset transitions into a reactionary frame, instead of a self-activated one. As a result, you become less inclined to organize and pursue your own goals, be they something simple like a household chore or something more impactful like writing your novel.

Instead of checking into other people’s world first thing in the morning, use that first hour for YOURSELF.

During the first 60 minutes of your day, try these steps to be more productive:

  1. Down a big glass of water or sip hot water with lemon to get your metabolism revved and your mind working.
  2. Stretch out your body or meditate to help you to be more present in the moment.
  3. Write down a list of projects you want to accomplish today.
  4. Organize the list into priorities.
  5. Spend time with/help situate your kids and husband if you have them.
  6. Eat breakfast!

The above steps are definitely up for variation – you can journal, take a jog or do anything else that makes you focused and conscious of the goals you want to accomplish today.

Try this strategy for a week instead of checking Instagram right when you wake up or immediately responding to work emails and see how much more productive you become.

Source: Fitlife.tv

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