Beat Sugar Addiction With This 3-Week Plan

Are you addicted to the sweet stuff? Do you have sugar cravings every afternoon or after you eat something?

Sugar addiction is real and it can be difficult to break. But here are some top secret ninja tricks to help you beat your addiction!

This simple process can help you wean off sugar and jumpstart your health and wellness. Most people who follow this manage to lose weight, gain more energy, increase mental clarity and improve emotional wellbeing.

3 Weeks To Sugar-Freedom

Week 1:

For the first week, your main goal is to create awareness of what and how you’re eating.

Are you scarfing down meals at your computer? Are you waiting until you’re famished to eat?

Focusing on your meal and taking a few deep breaths beforehand can help relax your body and bring you into the present. Focus on your meal, smell it, savor it and enjoy every bite, regardless of what you’re eating.

Practice reading labels and identifying all the sources of added sugar in your diet.

This is a great way to teach kids to read nutrition labels as well – and most children even enjoy being a nutritional detective. Make it a game and have some fun!

Week 2:

For the second week, start increasing your consumption of whole foods. By adding in healthful choices, you will naturally crowd out processed and packaged foods, which most often are the main sources of added sugar. Add is some delicious smoothies, vitamin-packed salads with lots of vegetables, snack on raw nuts and seeds and nitrate-free jerky.

Check the labels of your yogurt, spaghetti, BBQ sauce, bread, nut butters and salad dressings. Make sure you pay attention to the beverages you consume as well and, if possible, replace them with water and herbal tea.

One word of caution – artificial sweeteners do more harm than good, so you want to avoid diet drinks as well. Look for and avoid products with aspartame, acesulfame K and sucralose.

Week 3:

For the third and final week, avoid ALL forms of sugar – and no artificial sweeteners either. Limit your use of natural sweeteners as well. Go for raw honey or stevia if you have to.

The first couple of days may be a little tough, but you should be free of your sugar dependency by the middle of this third week.

For an even greater detox effect, you can remove all processed and packaged foods, as well as all caffeinated and alcoholic beverages from your diet during this week. You can add in some fizzy kombucha, yerba mate, and green tea to get your stimulant-fix.

Remember, this isn’t about restriction, it’s about adding in lots of nutrient-dense foods, fiber, lots of lean protein and healthy fats. These can help curb your sugar cravings as well. Recent studies have shown that taking the amino-acid supplement, L-Glutamine can help curb sugar cravings too!

You may even reap more benefits by going meat-free and gluten-free; the body uses a lot of energy to digest and assimilate meat, so taking it out will leave your body more energy to process and remove stored toxins. You can add it back in after a few days and assess how you feel.

Some people have a low-grade allergic reaction to gluten – they may get occasional digestive issues, headaches or even mood swings – so removing gluten from your diet and then adding it back in is the best way to find out if you have the intolerance.


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