Ease Chronic Joint Pains With Lemon Peels

Lemons are well known for their health benefits. In fact, you have already heard and read about the benefits of drinking hot lemonade first thing in the morning.

Often overlooked, lemon peel has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

You may not know this, but lemon peel can help to reduce joint pain.

The lemon peel is rich in essential oils which can relax the blood vessels and possess anti-inflammatory properties which makes them great for neutralizing pain.

There are two ways to unleash the power of lemon peel:

1. Grate the rind, but only get the yellow layer. Apply the peel on the sore spot, fix a bandage and leave on for two hours before removing.

2. Peel two lemons and place the peel in a glass jar. Pour olive oil and close the jar. Let it stand for two weeks. This oil is then ready for use: moisten a gauze with this oil, and fix it with a bandage on your feet then leave it overnight.

Source: Fine Living Advice

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