6 Reasons to Skip Working Out Today

There are times that you feel fired up and wanting to lose those extra pounds but for some reason, you just can't.

This is totally different from making a lame excuse to skip gym day -- tired, busy, etc. In fact, there are legitimate reasons why you should not sweat it out. Talk about the irony of skipping something healthy.

If you fall in these categories, maybe it is better to scrap your jogging plans and consult an expert.

1. You're coughing or wheezing.

Movement may actually boost your circulation and feel better, just don't overdo it. If the symptoms are below the neck—in other words, in your chest—the coughing, wheezing, or difficulty catching your breath could signal a more serious infection and definitely give you an excuse for staying in bed until you feel better.

2. It's past midnight, and you're planning to hit the gym at 6 AM.

If you think sacrificing sleep in lieu of hitting the gym to do more workout is a noble act then you're not it. It is ill-advised and foolish. Research shows that even one night of sleep deprivation can affect your health: It raises levels of stress and hunger-inducing hormones. Make it a regular habit, and you'll increase your risk for a number of conditions, including heart disease. Tweak your schedule like moving your workout to afternoon or evening. If you can't commit, make an effort to involve more movemvents throughout the day, like taking short walks during lunch.

3. You're running a fever.

Fever is an instant stop sign. If you feel such, don't even dare run the treadmill and stay on bed instead. Exercise under feverish conditions can raise your internal temperature, which can slow the body's healing process.

4. Your muscles still hurt from yesterday's—or the day before's—workout.

Surely you've felt like this many times. In clinical terms, this is what we call delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). A grueling workout causes tiny tears in muscle tissue which is good, because the repair process will make you even stronger. However, exercising with stiff, aching muscles can compromise your form. You may favor one side during a movement, or not be able to go through a full range of motion. The result: You're more likely to hurt yourself. If only one part of your body—say your legs—are complaining, you can work your arms, for example. But if you're sore all over, hang up your sneakers for a day or two.

5. Your knee or foot aches every time you go for a jog.

If you're limbs are aching every time you go for a run, there might be something wrong. You could be sliding into—or already have—a strained muscle or overuse injury, such as plantar fasciitis or even a stress fracture. Rest the area until you can exercise pain-free. If the problem persists visit a physical therapist.

6. You've been running on empty for weeks now.

This is different from feeling sluggish or tired for a day or two: Exercise can boost low energy levels. But if you've been battling nagging fatigue for 2 weeks or more, see a physician before heading to the gym.

Source: Prevention

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