Chocolate, the New Brain Food

It’s not saying that chocolate can boost anyone’s IQ but it has some other benefits in it.

According to the study conducted by University of Maine professor Dr. Merrill Elias and a team including University of South Australia nutritionist and psychologist Georgina Crichton and cardiovascular researcher Dr. Ala’a Alkerwi of the Luxembourg Institute of Health, it shows that eating chocolate has effect on cognitive functions.

Their findings were published last month in the journal Appetite, saying people who ate chocolate at once a week performed better on multiple cognitive tasks than those who are chocolate less frequently.

Though it is not yet proven or still uncertain if chocolates can make people smarter, the researchers are positive that chocolate effects the cognitive functions for better.

The researchers hypothesized that regular intake of cocoa flavanols may be one of the several mechanisms explaining the cognitive benefits of chocolates. According to the team, flavanols have multiple effects on the brain involving a learning memory and by increasing blood flow in the brain promoting development of new blood vessels.

Because nutrients in food can affect brain and cognitive functions, the team believes isolating these nutrients and foods enables dietary interventions to improve cognitive health.

It is also written that adopting dietary pattern to delay or slow the onset of cognitive decline is an appropriate avenue, given the limited treatments available for dementia.

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