The Peanut Genes That Cause Allergy in Humans Have Been Identified

An international group of scientists may have found a breakthrough in creating n genetically engineered peanuts that do not provoke allergic reactions, after identifying which of the legume's genes are causing this effect.

Peanuts are one of those foods that poses some considerable health risks of causing allergic reactions to certain people, making it one of the most common food allergies in the world.

The study authors decoded the entire genome of the modern peanut's ancestor, known as Arachis duranensis. And by doing so, they identified the genetic blueprints for more than 50,000 proteins.

By comparing these known allergic proteins in both peanuts and a range of other related crops such as soybeans, the researchers were able to identify 21 genes that appear to encode for allergens, nine of which were present in modern peanuts.

Having located the allergy causing genes, it may soon be possible to develop new "genetic or medical approaches to allergy mitigation," possibly involving the creation of modified peanuts that lack certain genes.

Source: I Love Science

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