Make Sure You Have at Least One of These Plants in Your Home to Protect Yourself From Radiation, Chemicals and Cigarette Smoke!

Fig, fern and dragon tree are some of the best radiation absorbing plants to have in your home. They can protect you from the harmful odors of paints, solvents and cleaning agents as well as other harmful chemicals.

You should have a plant per every 75 square feet in your home in order to keep your air clean. Here are the health benefits of these 3 amazing plants:


Fig is great against cigarette smoke and can neutralize it easily. It will also reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. Put it on a convenient place as it doesn’t like drafts and shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight.


Fern can neutralize the effects of formaldehyde which evaporates from furniture, glue, pain, detergents and curtains. The plant shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight and loves a lot of moisture.

Dragon Tree

Dragon tree is an excellent air-purifying plant which can reduce the concentration of formaldehyde. At the same time, it looks great in your home and is resistant to temperature changes while being very easy to maintain. Water it every day and keep it in a semi-light spot, not exposed to direct sunlight.

Source: Healthy Life Vision

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