Keep Bugs Away With a Non-Toxic 'Mason Jar' Repellent

Bugs can be really boring and using citronella oil has been considered as a fancy way to repel insects. Essential oils are a far better option than chemicals when it comes to insect repellents, so here is something you should try.

Our idea will help you ward off insects and make your home a more beautiful place to live in.

Supplies You Need:

  • 4 Mason Jars (you can also recycle jelly jars, etc) 
  • 40 drops each – Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon and Thieves essential oils (or use your own combination of oils but these are known to help to repel the buggies). This equals TEN drops of each oil / jar.
  • 2 fresh lemons
  • 2 fresh limes
  • 8 sprigs fresh rosemary
  • water 
  • Floating tea light candles 


To assemble these are just so easy.  I lined up my 4 mason jars and here’s what you do:

  1. Slice the lemons and the limes and set aside for a moment – I like to have two each just in case but you can possibly use one each
  2. Place two sprigs of rosemary  into each jar
  3. Fill each jar 3/4 full with water
  4. Add the essential oils of your choice  – 10 drops each per jar – and swirl slightly
  5. Place a slice each of lemon and lime into each jar
  6. Add more water if needed to raise the level to almost full
  7. Place a floating tea light candle on top
  8. Set outside, light and make some magic once you light them*
  9. Replace tea lights as needed – I recommend having some extras on hand!
  10. Discard fruit and liquid in jar after 2 – 3 days depending on your climate; rinse jars and start fresh as needed


Never leave candles unattended or in reach of small children; Make sure the mixture in jars is not ingested.

So how pretty and easy are those?  Perfect for an outside gathering or party, right?

Here’s to a beautiful summer ahead with many fun gatherings and wonderful memories (and less bugs).

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: A Little Clairefication

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