8 Simple Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

The following 8 exercises are taken from Treat Your Own Knee by Robin McKenzie, a New Zealand born Physiotherapist whose McKenzie Method is currently the most studied diagnostic treatment system for back pain. You will have an opportunity to treat your own knee pain and regain pain-free movement with this exercise program.

If you are looking to get maximum knee pain relief, it is highly recommended to perform these stretched ten times every two hours before bedtime.

Exercise 1: Active Knee Extension while Sitting

Begin this exercise in an upright position while sitting in a chair and keep your feet flat on the ground. Gently lift the of your problematic knee and start straightening your leg until you notice contraction in the quadriceps muscle.

Keep this position for about two seconds and slowly return to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for 10 times.

Exercise 2: Knee Flexion in Sitting position

Start this exercise in a sitting position, but keep your body upright. Bend your knee and pull your leg up in your chest’s position. Use your hands on your ankle as a support. At the same time pull your heel in the direction of your buttocks and stay like that for two seconds. After that, return the knee in the initial position. Do this for 10 times.

Exercise 3: Knee Flexion in Standing position

Stand upright and put the heel of the problematic knee on a stool or chair. In case you lack balance, hold onto the stool/chair.

Carefully lean forward and push the buttock in direction of your heel until you get a knee stretch.

Keep this position for two seconds and repeat ten times.

In case you feel uncomfortable while doing this exercise, place a rolled hand towel just under the knee and the discomfort should be gone.

Exercise 4: Knee Strengthening in Standing, One-Legged Knee Bend

Stand upright on the leg where you feel knee pain, down the edge of a step and use a chair as a support. Bend your problematic leg in a manner in which your “good” leg is lowered below the level of the step in a direction toward the ground until you notice a firm tension in your muscles located around the knee.

This lowering should last for about 5 seconds.

Keep in mind that the center of your knee should be directed forward all the time. Keep this position for about two seconds and repeat this exercise between 10 and 15 times, two times a day.

Exercise 5: Knee Extension in Standing Position

Stand upright and put the heel of your problematic knee on a stool, low step or on the ground. Reach forward with your hands and place them right above the knee.

Push down and straighten the knees with both of your hands until the moment you feel stretch.

Keep this position for about two seconds and return to the initial position. Perform 10 repetitions.

Exercise 6: Knee Flexion in Kneeling position

Begin kneeling on your legs and arms and use a cushion under your body in order to provide support for your knees.

Carefully kneel back by using your heels while keeping your hands on the ground until you notice that your knees are stretched.

Keep this position for about two seconds. Perform this exercise between 6 and 10 times.
Next, stretch again by sitting on your heels and lifting on your hands. Keep this position for two seconds and return to the initial position.

Exercise 7: Knee Extension while Sitting

Once again, sit in a chair and position the heel of the problematic knee on another chair or stool that has the same height with your painful knee. Keep the knee slightly bent and toes straight. Get rid of the tension in your knee and start strengthening your leg.

Keep this position for about two seconds and after that return to the initial position. Repeat this procedure for ten times.

Perform this procedure for 10 times.

Exercise 8: Knee Strengthening in Standing position, Chair Squat Holding Door Knob

Stand upright and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Position yourself in front of an open door (so you can use the door knobs) and put a chair behind you. Sit back in a slowly manner until you notice a tension in the muscles in the area around your knee.

Repeat this exercise between 10 and 15 times two times a day.
Keep in mind that your knees should be directed forward and that you should lower the hips until your buttocks are almost on the chair, but don’t sit down.

Poor posture can eventually lead to acute back pain, and when that strikes, desperation follows, and finding a quick fix to improve your downgraded quality of life can sometimes lead down the dark path of painkillers and other drastic measures.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Healthy Holistic Living

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