Experts Claim: Soft Drinks Dehydratе the Body

You most probably hear people around you constantly saying how bad soft drinks are, and even the media tries to rise people’s awareness of the dangers these products cause.

You may think, yes, soft drinks are bad for kids, but that is not true. These ‘liquid delicacies’ can actually affect some vital process in an adult’s body as well.

The high concentration of sugar is not the only problem -- long-term consumption of all kinds of sweet drinks can cause serious damage to the body in both children and adults.

Experts say that the vaporized carbon dioxide from Coca-Cola and lemonade especially affects children suffering from stomach infection.

Specifically, the latest guidelines from the British National Health Service (NHS) refute the believing that sweet drinks rehydrate young patients.

Experts suggest that children who have problems with stomach infections should receive electrolyte powder that dissolves in water. The latest NHS recommendations come from health professionals with an expertise in health care for children aged up to five years.

President of the Commission, which issued the guidelines states that microorganisms often temporarily damage the stomach and intestinal walls and drinks with high sugar content exacerbated the situation.

The oral solutions to rehydrate the body there is a regular relationship between the amount of sugar and salt, with sugar stimulates the absorption of salt.

Many parents, however, still believe in the efficacy of carbonated drinks, because they stimulate the growth of blood sugar levels.

Mothers whose babies have a stomach infection, but are not dehydrated should continue breastfeeding while children who are recovering from an infection should be encouraged to drink and eat normally.

Some studies have shown that increased consumption of sweetened fruit juice contributes to obesity, and that eating fresh fruit has protective. So, your child is the best juice that you make yourself from fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Source: Good Morning Center

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