Homemade Cream to Treat Joint Pain and Many Diseases Made with 3 Ingredients

In the fight against many diseases, “old wives’ remedies” are often the winning choice, and for a case like that we are going to talk about in the following -- Russian recipe which is passed from generation to generation, is a cure for a huge number of diseases.

We are talking about an older Russian recipe, which is easy to prepare and since it is passed among people through generations, it is quite easy to conclude that this is an effective remedy.

In addition, learn how to prepare it and see what you need in order to make it.

Necessary ingredients:
  • 400 milliliters of cold pressed oil, we recommend you the olive oil. You can use coconut oil if you want a nicer and stronger smell.
  • An egg, preferably domestic and organic
  • 60 grams of beeswax
  1. Boil the egg then mash the egg yolk nicely. In a frying pan, over low heat, place the oil and the beeswax. Once the wax is melted, slowly, little by little, add the egg yolk in the pan.
  2. If you notice that the oil starts to produce foam, remove the pan from the fire and then put it back, repeat this procedure until you put the entire amount of mashed egg yolk.
  3. Then the so prepared mixture, strain it and place it in a jar. It is recommended that the mixture is mixed several times, until it is fully hardened, in order to prevent the wax to fall to the bottom.


This cream is highly efficient. If this balm is used for coatings, it is necessary to heat on vapor, on 40 ÂșC.
  • Inflammation of the Sinuses
Melt this cream and put it in a pipette. It is important to perform the whole procedure fast, in order not to harden the balm. Use this remedy twice a day, dripping the melted balm directly in the nostrils. Doctors confirmed that this remedy “pierces” your sinuses and pulls the piled materials that make difficulties in breathing.
  • Purulent Otitis
Place a piece of cotton wool which is soaked in this cream onto your ear. Occasionally, replace the cotton wool, and a smaller amount of this balm can be applied directly in the ear. This cream will drag the fester out of the ear, and it has been proved that it heals all otitis not only the purulent.
  • Festering Angina, Ulcers in the Throat and Inflammation of the Tonsils
Put cream directly to the ulcer and coatings on your neck. If you repeat this procedure two to three times during the night, the throat abscess will burst the next morning.
  • Bronchitis and Stomach Aches
If you want to fight against the above mentioned diseases, it is recommended to take half a spoon of this remedy, three times a day, before a meal.
  • Female Diseases
This remedy is useful when it comes to cysts in the ovaries, mastitis and various inflammations. Put a tampon whit this cream in the vagina, in mornings and evenings.  According to the claims of those who have used the remedy, after ten days, of the cysts should remain only the “bad memories”.

When it comes to breast mastitis, this remedy is useful when you place a napkin soaked in this cream directly on the breasts and then place a plastic bag over it. We recommend you to replace this coating every two hours.
  • Burns, Wounds, Toothache, Pain in Joints
When it comes to wounds, swelling, pain in the joints or burns, the use of this product is simple. The balm is applied onto the affected areas and then it is wrapped during the night.  If the wounds are not very big, you can place a little piece of cotton wool, dipped in the cream.

If you have a toothache, simply, take a little of this remedy with a clean finger and massage the affected tooth and the gum around it.
  • Trophic Ulcers and Gangrene
In this case, the use of the remedy is similar to the use of in breast mastitis. On the affected area place a napkin soaked in the balm, replace them every two hours.  After a while, fester should start coming out of the wounds.
  • Hemorrhoid Treatment
From a cotton wool make a tampon, soak it in the cream and place it in the anus. Repeat this procedure in a period of eight to ten days or until you feel improvement.
  • Strengthening the Nails
Besides the large number of diseases that are treated whit this remedy, this balm is also good for strengthening the nails. So, before you go to bed, put a little of this remedy on your nails and in a very short period of time you will notice that they are becoming stronger.


No matter what kind of wounds are you treating with this remedy, it is recommended that they are coated with the balm during the night, and if it comes to the pain in the joints and knees, do not forget to wrap the place with a bandage.

It is also important that the wax is natural.  For external use you can have any plant oil, while for internal use we recommend you olive oil.

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