This is Why You Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night!

Waking up in the middle of the night is a normal thing if it happens once or twice. But, what about waking up at a specific time every night and not feeling good? Is this normal, or our body is trying to tell us something?

The answer to this question lies in the Body Clock, or the Chinese Organ.

This Body-Energy Clock functions on the premise that Qi or Chi moves through the human body at different times during the day. Qi moves from one body system to another at different time during the day, strengthening and restoring the optimal function of the system. Each system has two hours of Qi charge time, and the whole cycle takes 24 hours.

But, in case the energy flow from system to system is hindered by some blockage, it will wake you up. Mental, emotional, or physical health issues can all cause these blockages, and knowing what may be wrong can help you improve your condition and well being in no time.

Chinese Body Clock Explained

Hard Times Falling Asleep between 9PM and 11 PM

In the period between 9pm and 11pm, arteries or blood vessels are active. Therefore, any health problem related to thyroid, immune system, metabolism, or adrenals might be the reason why you have difficulties falling asleep in this period.

Confusion, paranoia, or stress can also keep you awake. If this is your problem, try to relieve your stress by doing some yoga poses before bedtime, meditation, or chant some calming mantras.

Waking Up between 11 PM and 1 AM

If you often wake up at this period, you might have problems with your gallbladder. This organ breaks down the fat consumed during the day, so this could mean you need to change your diet into one with healthier fats.

Nevertheless, another reason why you keep waking up at this period might be feelings of resentment, or judgement towards yourself or others. You have to accept and forgive the mistakes you or someone else have made and reject resentment. Let go, and you will feel better and calmer.

Waking Up between 1 AM and 3AM

During this time of the night, the liver cleanses the blood and does myriad of other functions. So, if you often wake up at his time of the night, it could mean your liver has too many toxins to deal with, or too much work. Adjusting your diet and lowering alcohol consumption can help.

Rage, guilt, and anger are all related to this time of the night. Waking up at this time can mean you have excess of any of these feelings. In such case, you need to release your anger and try to find clarity in any problem you are dealing with.
Waking Up between 3 AM and 5AM, and Coughing

During this time of the night, lungs are collecting oxygen and transferring it to all other body systems, preparing them for the new day. Lungs may also eliminate any present toxins at that period. If you often wake up between 3am and 5am, and you cough during this period, your body sends you a message to breathe cleaner air and consume healthier food.

When it comes to emotions, waking up at this part of the night is related to sadness and grief. You might have experienced something in your life that depresses you, but you have to accept these feelings, and grieve appropriately in order to move on with your life.
Waking Up between 5 AM and 7 AM, or Feeling Sick

During this period, there’s cleansing and renewing of the large intestine, which is why majority experience bowel movement at that period. You need to drink plenty of water in order to help this process.

On an emotional level, the time between 5am and 7am is related to a feeling of being defensive, stuck, or impatient about lack of progress in life. This is the ideal time to repeat some uplifting morning mantras.

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Source: Health & Love Page 

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