5 Tips on How to Eat Carrots

We all know that little rabbits love carrots. They have good reason for that because carrots are very healthy. All we can do is take the habit of those little rabbits and start to consume carrots in honor of our diet.

Carrots contain ingredients that are soluble only in combination with oil consumption and it allows for easy absorbing nutrients.

Carrots are delicious and abundant with pro vitamins, beta carotene, anti oxidants and other nutrients. In order to use most of the carrot, here are several steps:

How to choose the most beautiful carrots! Select the one that has the deepest color. The more vibrant the color, the more beta carotene is included in the carrots. Avoid dark or damaged carrots.

Save the freshness of the carrot. Cut green peaks before putting in the fridge, put them in a plastic jacket and place them in the coldest part. Make sure they are away from apples, pears, potatoes or other vegetables that release ethylene gas.

It is best to eat them fresh! You might like carrot salad with olive oil, salt and a little bit of garlic and even mixed spices in it. You will be amazed by the incredible taste! Also you can with a little butter or sauce for salads.

Boiled carrots. They, unlike other vegetables, become more nutritious when cooked. This is because cooking destroys the solid wall of carrot and it allows the body to easily absorb its nutrients.
Chopped carrots. This enables the body to easily absorb the beta carotene.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Healthy Food Star

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