Natural Cures for Diaper Rash

When parents must deal with diaper rash, natural cures are an inexpensive and safe way to treat them! There are many wonderful, safe cures for diaper rash that you may already have in your kitchen! Some natural remedies include arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and olive oil.

Determining the Cause of Diaper Rash

There are many different causes for diaper rash. Determining the cause will help to figure out the cure. If the mother had antibiotics in pregnancy, during birth, or while breastfeeding, or the baby has had antibiotics, the diaper rash could be a yeast rash. If the mother is using cloth diapers, the baby could be having a reaction to the soap used to wash the diapers. Some babies will react to the materials or chemicals in disposable diapers or in baby wipes. Diaper rashes can also be caused by food sensitivities. If the baby is not changed often enough, diaper rash is a common problem.

Diapering Routines for Happier Baby Bottoms

Babies ought to be changed frequently, especially if a diaper rash is present. A moist environment will make it harder to heal the rash. To help the baby stay dry, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, or French green clay can be used to dust the baby's bottom at diaper changing times. These are all preferable to store bought baby powders. Any type of powder, natural or not, is not recommended for babies under three months. 

If the diaper rash is caused by the diapers themselves, try switching brands if you are using disposable diapers. If you are washing cloth diapers at home, try a different soap or an extra rinse with 1/2 cup vinegar added to the rinse water. Some moms may have to switch from disposable to cloth or from cloth to disposable for stubborn cases of diaper rash. Often baby bottoms can be wiped with tissues instead of a wipe to reduce risk of irritation by alcohol or other chemicals in baby wipes. Many products for washing babies actually have a lot of chemicals in them and can cause rashes. Try bathing the baby in plain water. Allowing your baby some diaper-free time each day will let her have some time to air out.

Remedies for Yeast Related Diaper Rash

For a yeast related diaper rash, extra virgin coconut oil is a great place to start. An herbal salve with calendula may also be effective.

Sometimes, a breastfeeding mom may need to modify her diet if a baby has a chronic diaper rash. Dairy products, corn, soy and wheat tend to be the most common irritants.

Some babies just have sensitive skin. An all-natural diaper rash salve, barrier cream, or olive oil can be used frequently to protect baby's bottom.

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Source: Earth Clinic

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