You've Been Washing Your Hair Wrong Your Whole Life. This is How You Should Do It!

Hair can be beautiful at one time and messy the next. We all want our hair to be soft and soothing when moving our fingers through it. But, dealing with dandruff or dry hair, it can be very frustrating.

Sometimes as little as one hair wash can do the trick and you hair becomes soft and beautiful. However, this is only temporal. To keep these effects for longer, you should do this the right way. Below you have a list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to washing their hair.

Mistake#1 You wait as long as you can between washes
You should wash your hair whenever it feels like washing. You can do it once in a week during winters and every day during summers. It is up to you.

Mistake#2 You shampoo every wash
In a case that you shower every day, you should try skipping the shampoo every once in a while otherwise it would result into a dry scalp.

Mistake#3 You scrub your scalp
Instead of scrubbing, you should gently work your fingers through the hair. This will prevent the breakage and damage.

Mistake#4 hot showers
Hot showers are fantastic, but not for your hair, because the hotness dries out your skin and scalp. You should rinse your hair with the lukewarm or cold water.

Mistake#5 You use too many shampoos
Maybe you love to experiment but, you should try sticking to only one shampoo. It is easier on your hair.

Mistake#6 Pouring on the shampoo
Pouring too much shampoo will rinse out all the products. So utilize only the required quantity, a coin size would be enough.

Mistake#7 You towel dry your hair
Your hair is fragile when it is wet, so instead of rubbing it with a towel, pat your hair dry gently.

Mistake#8 Brushing your hair
Shampoo gently and do not brush your hair when it is wet as this may bring about breakage.

Mistake#9 You always shampoo your scalp
You should not shampoo your scalp down always. Begin with the nape of your neck every once in a while.

Mistake#10 You don’t soak your hair
You have to be sure that your hair is completely soaked, before applying shampoo.

Mistake#11 Shampooing your whole head
You should shampoo your roots and condition your ends.

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Source: Super Tasty Recipes

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