“Buddha’s Hand” – This Unusual Ancient Fruit Reduces Pain, Boost the Immune System and More…

Pain relief
The fruit has been used as a remedy for pain for millennia. It contains special compounds such as coumarin, limonin and diosmin. Besides its anti-inflammatory properties, Buddha’s hand can relieve swelling and pain from injuries and simple bruises as well, and is believed to accelerate wound healing and reducing the discoloration of bruises.

Gastrointestinal problems
If you’re suffering from any kind of digestive problem, Buddha’s hand can soothe it in just a short time. It can also relieve inflammation in the stomach lining and soothe the intestinal muscles so that the digestive process can occur naturally.

Menstrual discomfort
Buddha’s hand can relieve the symptoms of menstruation and ease the process thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature and its antioxidant properties.

Immune health
Buddha’s hand contains a specific polysaccharide that can stimulate macrophage activity and speed up the efficiency of the immune system. Although it is mostly used as a preventative measure to strengthen the immune system, the fruit can also be consumed when you’re suffering from colds or the flu and can accelerate your recovery.

Regulates blood pressure
An alcohol extract from the fruit acts like a vasodilator and will relax and dilate your coronary blood vessels and improve your circulation, regulating your blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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Source: Super Healthy Page

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