How to Heal Your Cavities Naturally

Six months ago I walked into a routine cleaning at the dentist and walked out with a hefty quote for dental work to be done on SIX cavities they found in my teeth. At first I was embarrassed. Shocked. I eat a very clean, whole foods diet. How could I have cavities? I don’t even eat white sugar. I brush and floss every, single day!? How can this be true?

I told my dentist that I don’t even eat sugar or complex carbs and asked him if there is a way I can heal my cavities without having thousands of dollars of work done. I told him I had heard of “remineralizing” and curing tooth decay with diet and asked him what he thought. Of course, like many conventional dentists, he had never heard of it. So, I stopped asking questions, grabbed my quote, scheduled an appointment to have all six cavities filled, and went home discouraged.

Why Did I Have Cavities?

My diet was missing the fat-soluble vitamins found in fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. I have since started taking this powerful duo, as well as the rest of my family for added nutrition.
I had been dairy-free for over a year and did not focus on my intake of calcium and phosphorus. Since discovering my tooth decay, I have since added back raw milk from grassfed cows and goats into my diet.

I, most likely, had been consuming high amounts of phytic acid in nuts and seeds. Since learning of my cavities, I have minimized my intake of nuts and seeds, and have become diligent about properly soaking them to help neutralize phytic acid. I follow a Paleo diet, so I knew that other high phytate foods like grains, corn, and rice was not the issue.

What Have I Been Doing to Heal My Tooth Decay? 
  • I take  fermented cod liver oil daily.  I take 1 teaspoon a day. We like the cinnamon tingle fermented cod liver oil in liquid form and the kids prefer their’s with a dash of raw honey.
  • I take high vitamin butter oil daily. I take 1 teaspoon a day.
  • I take 1 teaspoon a day of Skate Liver Oil
  • I drink 3-4 cups a day of raw goats milk.
  • I drink 1 cup a day of homemade bone stock and use grassfed beef gelatin to cook with and add to beverages.
  • I eat liver once a week. If this grosses you out, you can take desiccated liver tablets.
  • I use liberal amounts of grassfed butter and ghee in my foods and recipes.
  • I oil pull with coconut oil. Not sure what oil pulling is? CLICK here to learn more.  
  • I avoid any toothpaste with glycerin, as it counteracts remineralization. I make my own toothpaste using bentonite clay.
  • I, normally, don’t eat any grains or foods high in phytic acid. I make sure my nut butters come from a trustworthy source and are soaked. If you are not willing to give up your grains, look into supplementing with Vitamin C to help neutralize phytic acid.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: The Paleomama

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