Next Time You Buy a Toothpaste Pay Attention to This

It is rare for people to pay attention to the color of toothpaste’s bottom before buying.

You will probably think twice next time you buy toothpaste without checking the color on the bottom of the tube after reading this article.

You just need to check what color is the stripe placed on the toothpaste’s bottom.

Toothpaste tubes have four different colored stripes, depending on their composition. You do not need to be rocket scientists to be able to recognize them and their meanings.

In addition, here are the color and their meanings:
  • Green equals to all natural product
  • Blue stands for natural plus medicines in the product
  • Red stripes mean the product is natural with chemicals
  • Black ones are all chemicals
Even though you can find this information online or wherever, there are some contrary claims which suggest the color has nothing to do with the product’s ingredients. However, if you do not trust this information, you can always check what is written on the product’s label.

From now on, you can choose the toothpaste according to the stripe’s color, or, you can do a further research on this topic in order to make the right decision when buying toothpaste.

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Source: Your Food Corner

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