These 5 Exercises Can Help You Get Rid of the Stubborn Double Chin

Double chin can be caused genetically but if it’s not follow these 5 exercises to get rid of it.

The Ladle
Open your mouth wide and bend your lower lip inwardly then close your mouth and pull your jaw forward.

“Kiss” Ceiling
Tilt your head upward and extend your lips making a kissing motion as the title suggests.

Touch the Nose
Try to touch your nose by sticking your tongue out. In order to be able to feel the muscles extend and flatten in this position, put a finger under your nose.

Put your fists directly under your chin then, push your chin down on your fists and remain in this position for a few seconds.

The Perfect Oval
Turn your head to one side and thrust your jaw forward feeling the extension of the jaw and the neck muscles. Hold your head into this position for a while, and then turn it to the opposite side and repeat everything.

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Source: Non-Stop Healthy

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