9 Food Scraps You Should Never Throw Away

Eating fruits and veggies is the best thing you can do for your body. They’re tasty, too! But when you’re left with scraps, what should you do? Stems, peels, and pits can go in the compost, but there are other ways to use them. Here are nine parts of fruits and vegetables that you can actually reuse.

9 Food Scraps To Reuse

1. Lemon Peels And Rinds
Did you know that lemons can be pickled, just like cucumbers? This popular Mediterranean food tastes great with salmon or salad. To pickle lemon peels and rinds, cover them with salt. Store them in a jar with fresh lemon juice. After three weeks, they’ll ferment into a tasty condiment.

2. Mango Pits
There’s a lot of meat on a mango pit. Put it to good use by leaving it in a jug of water overnight. In the morning, you’ll have delicious mango-infused water.

3. Cauliflower Leaves
When fresh, cauliflower leaves might seem unappealing. But if you toss them in olive oil and spices, they can be baked just like kale chips. Mix them into pasta or add them to your favorite sandwich.

4. Broccoli Stalks
The outer rind of a broccoli stalk is pretty tough. But if you slice it away, the inside can be eaten. You can also cut the stem into very thin strips and sauté them.

5. Watermelon Rinds
Like lemon peels, watermelon rinds can be pickled with apple cider vinegar. They can also be cut up and added to a stir-fry. Add them in water overnight for a refreshing drink.

6. Onion Peels
Boil leftover onion peels to make a natural dye. This can be used to create a beautiful light brown shade for soap or fabric. The same technique can also be used to make a heart-healthy tea!

7. Orange Peels
These vibrant leftovers can be used to infuse vinegar with a pleasant citrus scent. The vinegar can then be used to naturally clean your home. Try adding it to honey or syrup, too.

8. Banana Peels
The soft side of a banana peel can be used as a loofah. Just rub it on your skin before taking a shower for a lovely moisturizing effect.

9. Peach Skin
Brighten up your complexion with a mask made of peach skin. Simply place the peels on troubled spots for a vitamin-packed facial.

These hacks will help you make good use of Mother Nature’s gifts. You’ll also be able to stretch your dollars even further! Remember, it’s a good idea to buy organic, especially if you’re eating the peels or rinds.

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Source: Cure Joy

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