Electrolyte Ice Cubes for Morning Sickness

Expectant mums have enough to deal with, but unfortunately morning sickness-which affects over 50% of pregnant women-is not something that can be ignored. When you do get sick to your stomach, you’re losing fluids and electrolytes that are important to both your health, and your baby’s health. If you don’t actually get sick, that’s fantastic, but that feeling of nausea can almost be worse than actually throwing up.

To help combat the queasiness and give you a little boost in the electrolyte department, try making some energy drink ice cubes, or “Lyte-Pops.” Whether you’re just nauseous on occasion, or feel like you need to set up camp in the bathroom, these chilly tasty cubes can ease the queasy feeling, or if you do get sick, help you get back on your feet, feeling refreshed and replenished.

Energy Drink Ice Cubes

You will need…
-2 cups or so of your homemade electrolyte energy drink, flavor is up to you
-An ice cube tray


These are pretty straightforward. Make whatever flavor drink suits your fancy, and fill up the ice cube tray. Freeze for several hours, or until completely solid, and remove. You can then:
  1. Plop them in a glass of water
  2. Crush them into ice chips
  3. Suck on one whole
If you plan to just suck on one, try not filling the tray all the way up. That way you won’t have such a giant, frozen, piece of ice to deal with, which is not the most relaxing or refreshing thing in the world. If you decide to put them into a nice glass of water, you can also try sucking/chewing them as they melt.

Lyte- Pops

You will need…
-2 cups of your energy drink, flavor is your choice
-Ice cube tray OR popsicle tray
-Popsicle sticks
-Mashed up orange pulp (optional)


Quite similar to the above, but its name sounds cooler (and they’re easier to eat.) The “lyte” if you didn’t catch on is for the end of electro-lyte…but it could also represent the light at the end of your time spent feeling horribly nauseas.

Fill your tray with your energy drink, and use whichever flavor you like. A Popsicle tray is nice here, but an ice cube tray works just as well. Freeze for about 3 hours, but before they have frozen completely, insert a popsicle stick. Let them get solid, then pop out and enjoy! If you’d like them to be little more “popsicley” try adding the mashed up insides of an orange-easy if you used one in making your drink anyways.

Morning Sickness Tips

These are quite refreshing, especially if you’re pregnant during the summer months. If you do happen to be pregnant during the sweltering summer you are more likely to sweat (therefore lose more electrolytes) more than if you are pregnant in the middle of December.
Make a batch ahead of time so that you have some on hand should you start to feel or get sick.
The orange one is my personal favorite!

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Everyday Roots

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