How to Grow an Endless Supply of Ginger in Your Home

We know from long time ago how much ginger is healthy and how much doctors are gladly recommending it, but how to grow it in a pot at home will teach us the blogger Kristina.

The blog, “Dreamland” except giving us a chance to get to know a part of America from the perspective of a young girl Kristina which has moved from the city of Portland to the interior of Oregon, also provide us with interesting tutorials, and one of them will be interesting also for many gardeners.

Kristina explains in details how to grow ginger root in a pot and water it regularly until you get the fruit ready for use.

The only material that you’ll need is pot with soil and bought ginger root, which in its shape resembles a human hand. It is best to choose a “hand” with more “fingers”. To get as many fruits, it is necessary to break out the ginger “fingers” into several parts.

Kristina advises to plant the ginger as houseplants in early fall, and when spring comes, when possible to move it in the garden. 

When moving the plant from pots in garden, it is necessary to choose a place with loose soil and to water it regularly. Kristina says you don’t need to worry about pests and some problems which can attack the plant.

If you take care about your plant according to Kristina’s advice, the green outgrowth of the ginger can grow from 60 to 120 cm. Allow the outgrowth to grows for 3 to 5 months before you start using the new tubers which will appear in the ground.

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Source: Natural Medicine Box

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