The 30-Second Clothespin Pain Relief Trick That Everyone is Saying Works Like a Charm

The origins of the ear reflexology can be traced back to the popular ancient Chinese acupuncture methodologies, or even earlier, to the Egyptian practices.

Even though you may be a bit skeptical the first time you hear about it, it is a fact that the self-administered clothespin acupuncture effectively relieves pain in various parts of the body. This affordable homemade remedy has become a real hit due to its efficacy.

Namely, our ears are the centre of numerous pressure points whose nerves endings are directly related to our central nervous system. Therefore, the use of clothespins on different points of the ears provides great relief.

Yet, note that the effectiveness of this acupuncture trick varies between people.

These are the few most important points on the ear which effectively soothe pain:
  • To help digestion and soothe minor upset stomach issues, you should place the clothespin on the upper-bottom section of the ear, just above the earlobe.
  • To soothe the pain in the joints, you should place the clothespin on the upper-middle section of the ear.
  • For a significant relief of the pain in the shoulders and back, place the clothespin on the very top part of your ear.
  • To naturally help the clearing of the sinuses and treat throat problems, put the pin on the lower-middle area.
  • You should place the clothespin on the earlobe in order to relieve tension, headaches, or heart issues. However, note that in the case of severe or constant chest pain, you should definitely consult your doctor.
  • To relieve the mild organ discomfort, place the clothespin just below the top section of the ear. Yet, you should seek medical attention in the case of serious problems or discomfort.
The clothespin should stay no longer than a few minutes, but you should use it several times daily needed. Even though this trick may initially sound strange and cause disbelief, you will definitely use it often as soon as you experience its amazing effects!

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Source: Positive Med

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