10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Green Peas More Often

Soft and delicious to eat, green peas are a powerhouse of nutrients that benefit your body in many ways.

Green peas sandwich and peas cutlet – what’s common in these popular mouth-watering dishes? Yes, you got it right! Although considered to be a fruit, this widely available vegetable (as it is sold in the market) is not only delicious but healthy as well. Low in calories, rich in nutrients and easy on your pocket, peas can define an ultimate healthy food when it comes to health benefits. Here are more reasons peas need a special mention in your daily diet.

#1 Helps you lose weight
The ideal food for weight loss is the one that packs a nutritive punch in addition to being low in calories. And with peas perfectly fulfilling this criteria, consuming them can aid in weight loss. One cup of green peas provides you approximately 118 calories. Also, its high fiber makes you feel full for a long time and thus preventing you from snacking on unhealthy foods.

#2 Good for your heart
Niacin present in peas reduces bad cholesterol, which is responsible for many heart related diseases. Additionally, peas are rich in antioxidants that prevent your blood vessels and arteries from getting blocked. Hence, consume soup made out of peas to lower your blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

#3 Prevents constipation
When you have constipation, it is important that you consume foods rich in fiber to clear your bowel movements. Eating peas that are loaded with fiber might do the trick for you and help you relieve constipation. Apart from this, peas improve your metabolism thereby aiding in better digestion. Here are some home remedies you can try to relieve constipation.

#4 Improves your bone health
Vitamin K, a nutrient present in peas helps in absorbing calcium making it a great food item for improving your bone health. As much as 50% of your daily Vitamin K1 requirement is met by a cup of boiled peas. What more? Nutrients like Vitamin B1 and folic acid are found in abundance in peas which in turn prevent osteoporosis.

#5 Prevents signs of aging
Just like metal rusts after exposure to air, our bodies too suffer from free radical damage. The presence of antioxidants in peas reduces free radical damage and also eliminates harmful toxins from the body. Therefore, eat more peas to slow down this process and prevent signs of aging. Have you tried these 9 foods that can give you glowing skin?

#6 Helps reduce depression
According to a study published in Journal of Affective Disorders low intake of foliate, a vitamin, increased the risk of melancholic depressive symptoms. Additionally, people suffering from depression are advised to eat foods rich in antioxidants. As peas are loaded with antioxidants and are easily available, snacking on boiled peas is a great idea to deal with mood swings.

#7 Prevents stomach cancer
Peas have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which keep your body healthy and lower your risk of suffering from cancer. This is mainly achieved due to the presence of coumestrol, a polyphenolic compound, which has been associated with decreased risk of stomach cancer.

#8 Improves your immunity
A strong immune system ensures that your body is capable of fighting infections and protects you free from a wide range of diseases. Since peas are a good source of Vitamin C in addition to being packed with various nutrients, eating them improves your immunity.

#9 Prevents anemia and fatigue
Are you feeling stressed out at the end of the day? If yes, then try some boiled peas with a pinch of salt and pepper to boost your energy levels. This is because, peas are packed with iron, a mineral that can help prevent anemia and fatigue, especially in women.  Also, the high vitamin content in this vegetable ensures that you don’t feel fatigued after a tiring day.

#10 Great for your child’s growth
Apart from being rich in vitamins and antioxidants, peas are loaded with proteins as well. This makes it an ideal food for your child’s growth and development. If your child does not like the green color or taste of peas, you can try some delicious green peas soup, green peas sandwich. And we bet your child will simply love it!

These are some of the common properties that highlight the significance of eating peas. So make sure you include peas in your food preparations to give your family a long and healthy life!

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Source: The Health Site

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