Boil These Seeds. The Results Will Shock You! (Recipe Included)

Maybe I’m a little crazy, but the smell of freshly sliced watermelon is slightly intoxicating.

There is truly no other smell like watermelon.

Since hardly anyone drinks as much water as they should, watermelon (91% water) can help supplement water, but this is an even better source of hydration because of the electrolyte content.

Watermelon hydrates our cells and balances the pH in our bodies.

Due to the citrulline content, this melon is also known to reduce and treat erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, citrulline relaxes and dilates blood vessels.

Watermelon seeds consist of nutrients like fatty acids, essential proteins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, phosphorus and are full of vitamin B like thiamine, niacin, folate. Also, they offer 600grams of calories.

These seeds are useful for treating diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Make a tea from fresh watermelon seeds in order to remove the stones and sand in the kidneys.

Cook, grind or bake them in order to take the maximum advantage of its medicinal properties.

The Magic Recipe:

You need 20-30 watermelon seeds. Grind and boil them for 15minutes in 2l water. Consume this for 2 days and make a pause the third day*.

*The procedure needs to be repeated for several weeks but is very important to pause every third day.

Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds

1. Protect heart health
The seeds which are full of magnesium save the heart so it could work normally. Also, they maintain the blood pressure level and enhance the metabolism process. They are amazing to avoid heart diseases and hypertension.

2. Prevent aging
The seeds have antioxidant content which helps you to avoid aging, strengthen your skin, and keep it healthier and young.

3. Clean acne
Clean your acne, dirt, and dead skin cells by taking a cotton bud and dipping it in watermelon seed oil. This oil is suitable for every kind of skin and will help you to deal with the aliment of skin.

4. Strengthen hair
These seeds have high protein and amino acid content which will easily strengthen your hair. Also, roasted watermelon seeds will make your hair shiny because of the copper they contain which produce melanin – a pigment that gives color to your hair.

5. Treat itchy scalp
Watermelon seed oil has a mild texture which can be absorbed easily. You can use the oil as a moisturizer for dried, itchy scalp.

6. Prevent hair damage
The seed has essential fatty acids which will help to avoid hair damage.

7. Blood pressure regulation and coronary heart disease prevention
Arginine will help you to deal with coronary heart disease and will balance the blood pressure. Arginine also helps in preventing narrowing of blood vessels. Tryptophan and lysine are other amino acids which are present in these types of seeds.

8. Rich source of magnesium for better immune system
The advantages of consuming watermelon seeds make a lot of supply of magnesium which is present in food like wheat, rice, oat and cocoa powder. Pantothenic acid is known as vitamin B5 which is essential for breaking down carbohydrates into energy.

9. Dietary management of beriberi caused by vitamin B6 deficiency
The deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause a condition referred to as Beriberi. B6 is a complex vitamin B which helps to convert carbohydrate into energy.

10. Provides essential amino acids
The body needs amino acids as arginine and lysine to perform in the perfect way. The latter is effective for the assimilation of calcium for strengthening the bones and the tissues.

11. Gives unsaturated healthy fats to the body
80% of the watermelon seeds fats are unsaturated and healthy fats with an addition of omega 3 acids. These seeds are a great source of energy to the body with no additional calories and they will fulfill half of the needed health fats per day.

12. Hair and nails
The seeds include a good amount of protein which keeps our hair healthy and glossy, and our fingernails long and robust.

13. Watermelon seeds can cure edema
Toss a teaspoon of dry and ground watermelon seeds in a teaspoon of honey, and then put it in a ¾ cup of warm water. Mix it well and consume it immediately – 2 times daily. It will help you to control edema problem

14. Enhances male fertility
Watermelon seeds have lycopene antioxidant which is an excellent and efficient remedial method to boost the male potency levels in men.

15. Recovery benefits
If you want to properly recover from an illness, utilize watermelon seeds in the diet. Within a couple of days, you will see the effects. Also, for those who have memory issues, the seeds will help to recover and sharp the memory once again.

16. Moisturizes the skin
The watermelon seeds have fatty acids which are a perfect use for soft, supple and moisturized skin. Also, it helps to prevent skin conditions and acne issues.

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Source: Bare Natural Truth

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