How to Lose Weight While Sleeping

Perhaps you have tried all kinds of diets and then gave up real soon because you cannot refrain from food.

Yet, extra weight will not go away. Therefore, it takes some small and simple tricks that will help you maintain your figure.

Try these techniques and see the results for yourself that can be achieved while you sleep:

Late night exercise
Forget the morning stretching exercises for better shape. It is time to change your tactics. Instead of morning exercises, start doing exercises at night or during office hours. Late night exercises will speed up your metabolism and thus help you lose some extra pounds while you sleep.

Cold shower
A study has shown that a 30-second shower with cold water activates the body and burn fat and almost 400 calories even if you are sleeping.

Green tea
Flavonoids in green tea boost the metabolism, so if you have more than 3 cups during a day, it will help you burn additional 3.5 percent of calories at night.

A nap
Study of Internal Medicine found that a 16-minute nap during the day can improve metabolism. Increased sleeping time reduces ghrelin, an enzyme that stimulates appetite, and also increases the levels of leptin, which helps control appetite throughout the day.

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Source: Eat This

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