She Had No Idea Why Her Toddler’s Legs Look So Red. Then She Found the Cereal Box in the Pantry…

Parents make huge mistake when they believe baby brands and buy products for them because they want the best for their children. Sadly, some brands are not safe, and in this article we will present you a story about a woman who had the most unpleasant experience with her child’s favorite snacks. Her daughter loved eating some popular brand cereals which caused her allergies.

The mother of the girl, Misty Lyn, noticed a shocking rash spreading over her child’s legs and she had no idea what was causing it. She even thought that her child came across something poisonous.

Her husband told her that Harper had only tried the popular cereal called Apple Jacks for the first time that morning, so Misty realized that the rash is probably due to the cereals.

This made her to do some research on this cereals and the discovery shocked her. Misty wrote:  “I had to take Harper to the doctors today. I had no clue what gave her this rash until Steve told me that she had “Apple Jacks” cereal for the first time this morning. Poor girl! Did more research on it and this is what I found…”Apple Jacks” has the most popular food dyes known to cause behavioral problems in children; yellow 6, blue 1, red 40 and BHT.”

This discovery encouraged Misty to write about her problem in order to warn all the other parents about this brand and its dangerous products. She also wrote that even though these dyes are illegal in Europe, they are still used In America. Moreover, she wrote that BHT is a common stabilizer in soaps, lubricants, gasoline and pesticides.

It is insane how this dye can be found in “Apple Jacks” as well. When It comes to Yellow 6, it has been discovered that it is associated with tumors in lab mice and red 40 has been known to cause severe allergic reactions.

The allergy this girl had is clear evidence that these harmful chemicals and artificial colors contained in cereals can lead to severe allergic reactions.

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Source: Family Health Freedom Network

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