[VIDEO] This Japanese Facial Massage will Rejuvenate You and Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Tanaka massage method was invented by 田中宥久子(Yukuko Tanaka), a Japanese makeup artist.

She claims this massage method gives an at-least-10-year-younger looking face.

She also says, if you start this massage method early in age, you may not even have wrinkle and fine lines in your life, like her. This is an excellent routine to add to your skin care regimen. It will reduce wrinkles, prevent sagging skin, improve sagging skin, improve puffy eyes and under-eye bags, and more.

Read on to see the Youtube video for Tanaka to learn how to do it!


1. This massage method require exerting pressure on face muscle, not rubbing your face. This pressure is not only exerted by finger, but also by palm.

2. Should not exert too much pressure on face neither. You should not feel sore and relax.

3. You should finish all the steps slowly, finish every step with lymphatic return (movement from preauricula to collarbone)

4. Massage timing: morning or evening after cleansing face. It's also important to use enough massage cream to reduce friction. Insufficient amount of massage cream will cause face redness.

5. Close your mouth during massage, gently bite down on teeth. You should not perform this massage method when you are sick or have lymphopathia.

6. The benefit of this massage method including: face lifting, fine line and wrinkle appearance reducing, pore size reducing, black heads and white heads eliminating, face brightening.

You can perform this massage prior to putting on makeup.

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Source: Forever Healthy

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