3 Circulation-Boosting Foods with Antioxidants to Fight Inflammation, Illnesses, and Cold Hands and Feet

In the winter when the temperature begins to drop, it’s understandable that you may be experiencing some cold in your hands and feet. But if that feeling is constant year round, it could mean that your blood isn’t circulating as well as it should be. Cold extremities don’t just mean that winter has finally arrived, it could be a way for your body to tell you something important.

When we experience cold hands and feet, our body is basically saying that there isn’t enough blood pumping to this areas. That means that those tissues and organs are not getting enough oxygen and nutrients. If left unchecked, these seemingly harmless symptoms could lead to more major health complications in the future.

Luckily for us, there are certain foods that can actually reverse this effect and get rid of pesky cold fingers and toes. All of these foods can be easily incorporated into meals and don’t have to be taken on their own in supplement form.

Don’t forget that a lot of common health practices help to! It’s important to stay hydrated, and cut out excess caffeine and soda drinking. Eating plenty of fiber, vegetables, fruits, and omega fatty acids are great for you as well. Avoid anything that is processed or made with processed ingredients, as that can create an imbalance in your body.

Foods For Better Circulation

As I mentioned before, these foods work great in recipes and don’t need to be eaten on their own to get their full benefit. Give them a try and get your hands and feet feeling toasty in no time!


MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, but we’ll just call them MCTs. These are found in coconut and palm ingredients and have an unusual chemical make-up that allows our bodies to digest them easily. This means that we’re able to turn them into fuel instead of storing them as fat.

MCTs stimulate the body to burn fat, improves thyroid function, and increases energy production – all of which improve circulation throughout your body, getting oxygen and nutrients to your extremities. Coconut oil is a great source of MCTs, and can be used in some really tasty recipes like these Coconut Oil Clusters.


Is it any surprise that turmeric is on this list? This spice has been used for years to heal different ailments and improving circulation is on that list. It’s active compound, curcumin, not only gives it it’s bright yellow color, but is full of anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. It can alleviate symptoms from arthritis and is even used to prevent cancer.

Turmeric’s warming properties are great at improving blood flow as well as supercharging digestion. As potent as turmeric is, it’s surprisingly versatile. You can used it in smoothies, savoury dishes, and even desserts!

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains the compound capsaicin, which is what gives it its heat. Capsaicin can also boost your circulation. Not only that, it can also help reduce pain and inflammation and increase your metabolism, improving circulation in your whole body. You can easily sprinkle cayenne on anything to give it a kick, or you can make a Health Shot first thing in the morning.

Experiment with these three ingredients and see which way works best for you in your day-to-day life. All three of these are great for you and offer you plenty of health benefits besides just helping your body circulate more efficiently. Enjoy!

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Source: Healthy Holistic Living

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