10 Signs You Might Have Ulcer

Ulcer is known to be characterized by a painful sore in the stomach lining or at the opening of the small intestine which had resulted from an imbalance in your digestive fluids. 

Apparently, it is an internal problem. Aside from stomach pain, here are the other signs of ulcer you might have experience that you should never ignore. 

 1. Loss of appetite

Intense and sudden stomach pains could cause loss of appetite. 

2. Flu-like symptoms

This includes nausea, fever, fatigue and general malaise that stays for few days.

3. Abdominal pain

After eating or during night, you may experience a burning sensation or a stabbing pain in the middle or upper part of the stomach.

4. Nausea

You will likely experience mild to severe nausea first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with an ulcer. 

5. Discolored stool

Your stool might appear pasty, darker or bloody. A bloody stool indicates the severity or the size of your ulcer. 

6. Indigestion

This can also cause terrible indigestion, accompanied by hiccuping and burping following meals.

7. Sudden weight loss

Lack of eating due to lost appetite and frequent vomitting will automatically lead to sudden weight loss. 

8. Heavy abdomen

There will be feeling of fullness or heaviness in your belly.

9. Vomitting blood

Vomiting is common with ulcer but if your vomit contains traces of blood, this indicates an advanced state of ulcer that needs immediate medical attention.

10. Unexplained hunger

After eating a full meal, it may be common to feel hungry again even after only a couple of hours.

Source: Wellness Bin
Image: Health Tap | Bel Marra Health

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