4 Bad Habits You Commonly Do That Kills Your Brain Cells

Brain cells continuously grow in a process called neurogenesis.  It extends even beyond adulthood.

However, there are activities we commonly do that kills brain cells. This leads to complications in our memory, emotions and even learning.

Here are four habits you must now avoid:

1. Dehydration

Since 75% of the brain is made out of water, dehydration will deeply affect your brain. 

2. Smoking

Smoke contains toxins that could lead to brain damage. There is also a recent study about one of its components called NNK that could force white blood cells to kill healthy brain cells.

3. Stress

There is a limit our body can take certain capacity for stress. Beyond that limit, it can lead to lost of focus,  irritability, killing of your energy. 

Extreme stress may also lead to a higher risk of a person to mental health illness such as schizophrenia, as well as anxiety disorder.

4. Losing Sleep

Sleep is where our brain is activated anew, memories are combined and stored, and energy is being restored. 

Someone who lacks sleep will have a hard time in focusing, making decision, ability to engage to learning and social situations. 

Source: Read and Digest 
Image: Be Brain Fit |FitLife TV

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