Diseases Kamias Leaves can Remedy

Kamias, also known as bilimbi or cucumber tree, is a common plant in our country. Its sour fruit is a favorite ingredient to many Filipino dishes. 

Its leaves, on the other hand, are used by many traditional healers to prevent and cure many diseases. Here are some of which:

1. Mumps

Make a paste or poultice out of kamias leaves to ease swelling and pain associated with the infected parotid salivary glands. 

 2. Painful Muscles

The kamias leaves paste or poultice could also be applied directly on painful muscles without side effects, unlike anti-inflammatory drugs. 

3. Coughs

Take it orally in the form of an infusion to relieve cough symptoms like difficulty in breathing due to chest congestion and pain.

4. Insect Bites

Make a paste out of the leaves and apply it to the spot to immediately attain relief and prevent it from further swelling and scarring.

5. Boils and Pimples

A kamias leaves' decoction is said to be very good against boils and pimples or any other skin problems that can become infected. 

6. Swollen Joints

Paste or poultice out of bilimbi leaves or a tea out of it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also highly effective for swollen, stiff and achy joints. 

7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Applying on affected areas or taking internally, or both, can control sexually transmitted diseases. 

8. Hemorrhoids

The anti-inflammatory properties of kamias leaves could reduce the swelling, the pain and even the bleeding of someone who is suffering of hemorrhoids. 

Source: Healthy Builderz
Image: Med Scoop Daily

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