FIVE Reasons Sleeping Naked is the Best for your Health

Quantity of sleep is important, but having a quality one of it is another. Having enough restful sleep is extremely critical for our well being. 

Aside from sleeping 7-8 hours every night to achieve enough quantity, quality sleep, apparently is attainable by sleeping naked. 

Here are the five reasons why:

1. Sleep hormones are released

When we sleep naked, a balanced melatonin level that guarantees healthy sleep is regulated naturally.  A dark room and a room temperature not warmer than 69.8°F is ideal for the creation of melatonin.  

2. It increases our sense of wellbeing

You help your circulation when you sleep naked because the blood can move more easily through your body. People who suffer from sleep disorders should definitely try sleeping naked.

3. Body temperature is regulated

Sleeping naked ensures that your body temperature doesn't get too high.

4. Stress hormones are regulated

Sleeping naked helps to keep cortisol levels low. Cortisol is known as the "stress hormone" and is very important in various metabolic processes that take place in our bodies. If you get too warm under your blanket, your cortisol production increases. A high cortisol level leads to a ravenous appetite (and long-term weight gain), increased nervousness, and tension. 

5. It strengthens the relationship

The sex hormone oxytocin is released when you sleep naked with your partner. It gives happiness and strengthens relationships.

Source: Health Hacks
Image: Men's Fitness

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