Foods Richer than Banana for Dose of Potassium

For athletes who wanted their daily dose of potassium and electrolytes by eating bananas as their energy bar, this yellow fruit isn't the only source of endurance-giving mineral that you need. 

Aside from bananas, there are a lot of food which are enriched way better than what this fruit can give. Here it as follows: 

1. Spinach

One cup of spinach can easily give you 839mg of potassium. You can add it to your salad or burger or to your protein smoothie.

2. Sweet Potato

One spud that is 130g heavy (usually five inches long) can give you as much as 438mg potassium. It has also high amounts of carbohydrates, which helps potassium rev up your glycogen use.

3. Coconut Water

In terms of post-work out hydration, coconut is way better than sports drinks. Just one glass can score you about 480mg of potassium – that’s even more than the amount of electrolytes sports drinks offer.

4. Avocado 

It easily beats bananas: half of the fruit is equivalent to 487mg and 708mg of potassium if you eat one cup of sliced avocado. 

5. Plain Nonfat Yogurt

One serving that is equivalent to eight ounces already packs 579 grams of potassium. This also provides a lot of protein, which is good for building muscles. 

Source: Steth News
Image: Health Magazine

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