How to Regrow Hair in 10 Days!

Suffering from hair loss is a total nightmare! Hair loss, also known as alopecia is a condition that is quite common in men, but can also affect women and even children. Good thing there are many natural and medical treatments that can be used to stop hair loss.

There are many causes which can be related to hair loss. For example, stress, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, hormone problems, thyroid problems, menopause end even smoking. Some commercial hair products or hair styles, such as pulling the hair back too tightly, can also be the reason for losing your hair. There is no help in situations like menopause or old age, but if there is another reason for your hair loss, then we can offer you a remedy.


If hair loss is your nightmare, you should think about your lifestyle. Have your stress or sleep levels recently changed? If so, it may be the cause for your problem.

First of all, you should readjust your schedule. Try mediation after work, have 10 minutes just for yourself, set your phone to silent . Then, close the door to any distractions, sit down comfortably and cross your legs if you can. Close your eyes and try to focus on your breath that flows in and out of your lungs. You can, for example, imagine that air is a color and you can see it how it enters and goes out of your body. If any other thoughts cross your mind, consciously let them go and concentrate on your breathing.

If sleep or stress is not your problem, then you should think about your way of nutrition. Hair loss is related to protein, iron, and omega-3 deficiencies. Vitamins and minerals, also, are essential for healthy hair follicles and scalp.

General Diet Tips for Healthy Hair
  • Add multivitamins in your every day routine. In order to increase absorption, consume them with food.
  • Web MD recommends six to 10 meals of vegetables every day.
  • Eat two to four meals of fruit daily.
  • Eat foods that contain high levels of omega-3, such as eggs, fish, seeds, and nuts.
  • Consume enough protein - two to three meals of meat a day or four to five meals of beans and dairy. The meat meal should not be in three ounces, nit larger than your cell phone.
  • Combine all of them! Do not eat the same foods every day. In that way you will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals
Foods for Healthy Hair
All the foods that we suggest you have been recommended for healthy hair. If you consume them regularly, you will treat all the deficiencies that may cause your hair loss.
  • Avocado, walnuts and seeds: These foods contain high level of omega-3 and there is risk of mercury inherent in some of the bigger fish. All of these foods are rich in zinc, which is necessary for hair as well.
  • Eggs: Eggs contain protein, selenium, zinc, sulfur and iron. Iron is one of the most frequent deficiencies which can be a cause for hair loss in menopauses.
  • Spinach and other leafy greens: additionally, these vegetables contain high level of iron as well. They have less cholesterol then animal-based foods so they are the perfect choice for vegans.
  • Salmon, sardines, mackerel, and trout: These fish are rich in omega-3, protein and vitamin D. Human body cannot create the fatty acids found in omega-3 on its own, and these fatty acids make up 3% of your hair shaft and are also part of the scalp, so their consumption is essential.
  • Oysters: They also contain high levels of iron, zinc and protein. Just six oysters will provide your body with the daily value of zinc, 33% of your daily value of iron, and eight grams of protein.
  • Carrots and sweet potatoes: these vegetables are rich in vitamin a, which is essential for a healthy scalp. Deficiencies in vitamin A can be the cause of dandruff.
Effect of Smoking and Drug Use on Hair Loss

According to study by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, smoking can lead to hair loss and baldness. Other drugs can have the same effect. Consult your doctor when taking any kind of medication, to check the side effects and see if it can cause hair loss.

If the cause for your hair loss is not stress, lifestyle or a disease, then it is probably due to the aging hormones. This type of hair loss can be treated with two medicines.

Propecia ( finasteride). Propecia is used for treating more developed hair loss in men. This medicine blocks the hormones which cause hair loss from reaching the skin. You should consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Rogaine (minoxidil). Rogaine is over-the-counter medicine which is applied directly to the scalp. The best effect it has on a hair that just begun to thin. According to Web MD, 50% of the users of this medication said that it can thicken hair and slow the process of hair loss. “Once you begin using Rogaine, you must continue to use it indefinitely in order to maintain its effects”. If you decide for minoxidil, Costco sells it at a much lower price than the most pharmacies.

Homemade Natural Rogaine Hair-Loss Treatment Recipe
This recipe does not contain minoxidil, but it helps with hair loss.

  • Dandelion Root ( it is rich in vitamins and minerals previously mentioned, including vitamin A, B, and D, zinc, potassium and iron).
  • Burdock Root (it relieves eczema acne, psoriasis, and other skin problems).
  • Licorice (it kills the bacteria).
  1. Rub the licorice in a glass and fill the half glass with water.
  2. Rub the burdock and dandelion root against a stone until you make a fine paste.
  3. Mix the licorice water with the paste and apply it to your head.
  4. Leave the paste on the scalp to stay for whole day, it will stick to your scalp as white cement. Apply it in the morning and let it stay until the evening. Don`t wash the hair before that, until its necessary.

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