MUST READ: Know What Does the Color of Your Urine Tells You Something About Your Health

Our urine may just be some waste our body needs to excrete but what comes our of our body actually has something to tell us. 

Apparently, its color, odor and even consistency serve as indicators to the current condition of our over all health and warning signs to different health issues.  

Here are the colors of the urine and what do they mean:

1. Light Yellow

Your body is properly hydrated. This is considered as the healthiest and normal urine color.

2. Medium Yellow

This indicates dehydration. It is extremely recommended to increase your daily consumption of water.

3. Dark Yellow

This is something dangerous and an indication of serious level of dehydration. Huge amount of Vitamin B might also be present in your body. Consume plenty of fluids such as water or tea.

4. Brown

This is caused by medicines like antibiotic metronidazole or the anti-malaria chloroquine. Too much work can also lead to this type of urine color. 

Be wary of it because it may also be a sign of liver disease. Myoglobin, which are usually used for energy, happens to circulates with bodily fluids such as urine . Visit your urologist for a myoglobin test.

5. Clear

This is a sign of an excessively hydrated body, dissolved electrolytes, or chemical misbalance inside our body.

6. Fizzy

This means an infection of the bladder. This happens when surplus amounts of mucus and proteins are synthesized in our body.

7. Pink

This happens when you consume excessive amounts of beets. But it can also indicate presence of  blood in your urine. You should visit your urologist as soon as possible in this case. 

8. Darker shade of Pink

Darker shade of pink indicates a serious and dangerous condition. Significant amount of blood happens to be present in your urine. This could be an infection of the bladder, or worse, cancer. You have to consult your doctor immediately.

9. Really Dark Pink

Huge amount of blood is present in your urine. Positively, it is a cancer and you have to confirm it by seeking your doctor.

10. Blue or Green urine

Excessive amount of artificial colors inside the body could cause this. Food items such as jello or medicine like Uribel can alsp result to blue or green urine. Hydration could help you get rid of this color. 

11. Orange

This may indicate gallstone problems in the bile duct or a side effect of a urinary tract medicine.This is also a sign of too much amounts of bilirubin inside your body. 

Source: Read and Digest 
Image: Causes of Stinky Urine

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