TWO Reasons your Underarms are Dark and How to Resolve it

Many of us want to achieve fair or whiter skin but as soon as we attain one, there are parts of our body left in darker color. 

Usually our underarms requires a harder task to achieve fairness but why do these parts have to darker? 

There are primarily two reasons why:

1. Shaving

Shaving is seen as a main cause for dark underarms for the mechanical trauma it brings the skin up there. Aside from removing some hairs, it apparently shed a thin layer of skin that irritates it, making it thicker and darker.

To make your underarms whiter, all you have to do is to moisturize it. This will prevent the skin from drying. Always moisturize before shaving. 

If it will be possible, have hair laser removal treatment instead of shaving. 

2. High-alcohol content

Deodorants and antiperspirants with high alcohol content could dry up your underarms. This will decrease oil and will increase friction that irritates the skin, which results in producing unsightly darker underarms. 

Avoid products with high-alcohol content 

Source: GMA

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