Soda Tax: Government’s Solution to Prevent Diabetes

Sometimes, it really takes great political will to impose changes in our system.

One of the admirable decisions that the new administration has made since the start of their rule is the imposing of higher tax rates on sweetened beverages like soda, artificial fruit juices, sports and energy drinks, and powdered tea and coffee.

This rule has been imposed not just to boost tax collection but to promote good health among the citizenry which includes the prevention of diseases like diabetes.

Like the sin tax, which the former government had applied on liquor and cigarettes, higher tax on sweetened drinks will adversely change the habit of the people, a challenging and provocative move by the executive branch.

Being proposed by the newly- appointed Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez, additional revenues to be collected will be utilized for the health care services of the people.    An estimated total of Php 35 billion is prognosticated to be gained in soda alone.

Exemption with this rule is natural fruit and vegetable juices, yogurt and milk products, food supplement drinks and even slimming tea.

Public Health

Change is indeed coming and now, it thrives to conquer everyone’s lifestyle.

Affordability of soda and related products even to children are prodded as one of the main causes of obesity and diabetes.

This regulation has actually being habituated already in many countries because of its proven advantages for the common good. The market of the health conscious is cheering up for this great leap for public health.

Like in the United States, the same rule propelled the demand on coconut water. The same projectile was seen to occur in the country, together with the upheaval of our own coconut industry.

Some of known producers of those affected products plans to develop healthier products for over time, sales of such are predicted to overtake junk drinks. The rule will definitely be a game changer for it will stimulate the rise of competition for healthy goods.

The clamor for non-carb drinks is expected to swell. This will serve as an alternative line up when tax on soda became high and soda consumption will deplete.

Revenues, Dominguez noted, will be reserved for the projects and programs of the Department of Health in their fight against diabetes.

This may be the best solution of the Duterte administration to promote good health among their people. Depriving them of their luxury will definitely be the hardest but the most effective way to do.

Source/Image: Beverage Daily 

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