This Traditional Herbal Treatment is a Miracle Drug! You are Lucky if You Have One in Your Yard!

Even up to this day, herbal medicines are still applied despite of modern treatments that are now available. 

When you have one in your backyard, it is just very useful as immediate first aid for anything. 

Perfect example of which is the common guava tree which is found almost anywhere.  Aside from its healthy fruit, other parts of this plant were also used for medical purposes.

Guava leaves, aside from being natural, is also an effective cure to many diseases or health conditions we may possibly encounter. 


Drink guava leaf tea for it could help in killing off bacteria that cause it.

2. Cancer

Guava leaves are packed with antioxidants that could prevent cellular mutation, one of the stimulants of cancer. It can also halt chronic inflammation, which can also lead to cancer.

3.  Bad Cholesterol

Guava leaf tea is also recommended as it could help keep bad cholesterol from accumulating in the arteries. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that could fight against bad cholesterol.

4. Acne and Ageing

Regular intake of guava leaf tea, which has age-defying vitamin C, can help keep the skin looking young. It can also be applied on acne to reduce inflammation and to initiate the repair of skin. Guava leaves is also a good disinfectant of minor wounds, may it be as a tea or poultice. 

5. Swollen Gums

Chew some tender guava leaves and it can help you treat swollen and bleeding gums. It also releases juice that possess antimicrobial properties, preventing disease-causing bacteria in the mouth.

6. Diabetes

Guava leaves are capable of keeping in check high levels of sugar in the blood. It’s highly beneficial for people with diabetes or for those people who are at risks. 

7. Warding Off Excess Weight

By regulating the levels of sugar in the blood, guava leaves can help prevent unnecessary craving for foods.

Source: Healthy Builderz
Image: Natural Healing Magazine 

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