WATCH: Where Your Acne Grow HAS Something to Reveal

We usually consider acne as something only teenagers will inevitably face, but as much as many adults are concern, acne is a skin problem of different ages.

Apparently, the location where one's acne grow reveals more of our current health condition.

1. Shoulders and back

This may indicate gastrointestinal issues. Drink more water, eat veggies and fruits together with protein and healthy fats. Reduce alcohol and coffee consumption for a while, to help your digestion.

2. Bottom

Your underwear, simply, is too tight. It may also have something to do with general hygiene: take a bath regularly and clean your backside and genitals thoroughly with soap.

3. Chest

This may indicate a hormonal imbalance, particularly overproduction of sex hormones. Artificial hormone from pills could help women.

4. Chin and neck

Consuming too much cheese, yogurt, or other milk products will trigger some acne to grow in such areas. Avoid them for awhile. When you are also under a lot  of mental stress, your adrenal glands may overproduce cortisol. Deal with your stress by managing it with stress-reduction techniques and exercise more often.

5. Legs

This is a sign of a vitamin deficiency or an allergic reaction to a particular cosmetic product.

6. Elbows

This could be allergic reaction or fungal infection. Avoid foods like wheat, milk, and eggs, one at a time for a few weeks each, and see if there's any improvement.

7.  Abdomen

This could be a sign that you're eating too much sugar or your blood sugar level is out of balance. This may lead to diabetes.

Watch it here for more details:

Source: Health Hacks

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